Fachgebiet für Entwerfen und Baukonstruktion
Prof. Dr. Rainer Hehl, rainer.hehl@tu-berlin.de
Tobias Schrammek, t.schrammek@tu-berlin.de
Marta Fernandez Guardado, fernandezguardado@tu-berlin.de
Peter Richter, peter.richter@campus.tu-berlin.de
Jann Wiegand, jann.wiegand@campus.tu-berlin.de 

TU Berlin
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The activities of FG Hehl have a focus on typological research and architectural design for Bachelor teaching in the summer semester and Master teaching in the winter semester with the coordination of the international Master program M-ARCH T. FG Hehl believes that architecture plays an active role in the massive transformations that are currently affecting the way we live together by establishing a common ground for the production of subjectivity and collective co-existence on the planet. The fields of investigation include architectural anthropology, the poetics of everyday spatial practice, popular architecture, and speculative imagination of alternative future realities.

Rainer Hehl is an architect/urban researcher currently teaching at the TU Berlin where he is also Dean of Studies of the international Master program M-Arch T. He was visiting professor at Yokohama National University, Graduate School of Architecture from 2016-2018 and from 2010-2013 he directed the Master of Advanced Studies in Urban Design at the ETH Zürich conducting research and design projects on urban developments in emerging territories. In addition to having lectured widely on urban informality, popular architecture, and hybrid urbanities. Rainer Hehl holds a PhD from the ETH, Zürich, on urbanization strategies for informal settlements, focusing on case studies in Brazil.

Tobias Schrammek is a Berlin based architect and urban researcher. He studied Architecture at TU Berlin, UdK and FAU USP in São Paulo. After his studies he worked in Berlin based offices on small scale projects and competitions. As co-founder of the collective Urban Oasis he works on research and community development projects in Latin America. He taught at TU Dresden and TU Berlin. Since 2019 he is part of the FG Hehl team as teaching and research assistant and founding his own architectural practice in Berlin.

Marta Fernandez Guardado is a Spanish architecture designer, researcher, and educator based in Berlin. For seven years she worked as a project architect at June14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff and Sam Chermayeff Office developing furniture, interiors, and buildings such as the housing building Kurfürstenstraße 142. She has taught at DIA Dessau, ETH Zürich, and TU Berlin, where she currently works as a scientific and teaching staff. Since 2019, she is an external doctoral candidate at HafenCity Hamburg, a participant in the PEP Practice-Based Doctoral Program at TU Berlin, and a member of the CA2RE Community for Artistic and Architectural Research in Europe.