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Modes of Coexistence 

Seminar Architecture Communication

„If, however, one avoids the linear, progressive, Time’s-(killing)-arrow mode of the Techno-Heroic, and redefines technology and science as primarily cultural carrier bag rather than a weapon of domination, one pleasant side effect is that science fiction can be seen as far less rigid, narrow field, not necessarily Promethean or apocalyptic at all, and in fact less methodological genre than a realistic one.’ Ursula K. Le Guin, The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction
In reference to Ursula Le Guin’s counter-narrative to the origins of mankind ‚Modes of Co-Existence‘ explores various ways in which space is conceived as a container of meaning carrying what can be labelled a ‚post-anthropocenic‘ vision of new worlds in the making. Based on a critical investigation on the relationship between territories, technologies, natures and bodies the seminar is questioning current modes of spatial production in order to come up with new narratives between science and fiction, between matters of facts and matters of concern. What are the prerequisites and limits of co-existence, of ‚life in common‘ and the possibilities to construct existential relationships to others, whether this refers to human interactions or to other natures?
‚Modes of Co-Existence‘ draws on divers communication formats as they are used in public debates, social media and performative art practices and applies these formats in context specific settings within and beyond the academic context. Conceived in the field of expanded spatial practice the aim of these interventions is to reestablish a dialogue between the physical reality of environments and our existential conditions for life on earth.

The Seminar ‚Modes of Coexistence‘ explores various research formats from installations, happenings, public discussions and talks addressing the question how we can live together between species and objects, natural and artificial environments. The research projects are conceived for site-specific interventions which will be documented a exhibition format. 

1. phase: from 04.05.–18.05.2022
intense exchange and discussion of the proposals
2. phase: from 25.05.–20.07.2022
formulation and realization of the projects (performances, campaigns, spatial interventions, talks…)
3. phase: 22.–23.07.2022 (IfA Jahresaustellung)

collective exhibition with project documentation and results         


send your personal statement on co-existence (format open)
and a short cv
by 27.04.2022 to fghehltutors@gmail.com


29.04.2022 per mail 


04.05.2022 Wednesday @16:00 in studio A701